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Top Mountains to Climb in Europe

Climbing is one of the most exhilarating sports there is. You get a thorough and challenging work out, while experiencing some of the most beautiful views the world has to offer. Skiers and snowboarders look forward to the powdery snow of autumn and winter, while hikers eagerly await the tantalising sunshine of spring and summer. No matter what time of year, mountains offer everything adventure seekers are looking for.

Europe offers many fantastic peaks to climb, ranging from accessible mountains for the less experienced to extremely challenging peaks for professional climbers. Here at Royal Robbins we have dwindled down some of the most amazing mountains to climb in Europe.


Tatra Mountains – Poland

The Tatras are the highest part of the Carpathian mountain range, and for centuries they were Poland’s natural border in the south. The Tatra mountains cover some 785 square kilometres, three quarters of which lie in Slovakia. The highest Polish peak is Mount Rysy, which rises to 2499 metres above sea level. However, the most distinctive peak is Giewont, which is known affectionately as the ‘Sleeping Knight’.

Morskie Oko is arguably the most beautiful of the Tatra lakes, and it is certainly the largest. It covers about 35 hectares in all, stretching some 860 metres in length, and 566 in breadth. Morskie Oko has delighted travellers since the region was first discovered one hundred and fifty years ago, and it remains amongst the most popular places to visit in the Tatras.


Peleaga Peak in the Retezat Mountains – Romania

Retezat National Park in Romania captivates its visitors with over 80 lakes and hundreds of flower species, making each season worth a trip. Rising 2,509 meters (8,231 ft) above sea level, Peleaga peak is the highest point in the area, offering extensive views over the surrounding peaks, lakes, and valleys.

Conquering Peleaga peak is easier if you camp on the edge of Bucura Lake (widest lake in the park) and start your journey from here. Reaching the top of Retezat Mountains from Bucura will take no more than three hours during the summer, no matter what your experience level is.


The Matterhorn – Switzerland

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn is the most recognized mountain on the European continent. In the shape of a roughly chiselled rock pyramid, this peak serves as a defining geographical landmark.

The Matterhorn has a magic attraction, both for day-trippers who love the view and for Alpinists who love a challenge and dream of climbing the peak of the Matterhorn at least once in their lives. The most popular ascent route is the Hörnligrat.

For many climbers, ascending the Matterhorn, the birthplace of the sport of mountaineering, represents a return to the purist traditions of climbing.

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