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Travelling With Children Made Easy

Made Easy

It’s never an easy time for any parent, trying to keep the children entertained and under control whilst doing your best to remember everything to make your trip a success. Here at Royal Robbins, we’ve came up with a few tips on how to make your trip one to remember – and not wishing you’d left the children at home.


Involve your children in the planning


As adults, we can all remember the frustrating times as a child when our parents wouldn’t let us do what we wanted to do. To avoid any unwanted tantrums, sit down as a family and discuss what you want to get out of your trip, what activities you’d like to do and most importantly, where everyone wants to travel to. Getting an understanding of what everyone hopes to achieve from the trip and planning around this ensures each family member gets to experience something they love – making the trip memorable for everyone. Remember, you were a child once.


Comforts from home


Sometimes, especially the younger ones, children can find it uncomfortable not being around familiar surroundings, which is likely to make them restless and home sick. Why not bring along their favourite toy or book? This can also make travelling a lot easier, as it keeps them entertained on long flights or drives. You could even create an activity pack for them, which may include colouring pencils, puzzles and word searches – there’s many resources available online to help create the perfect activity pack to keep them busy.


Do a test run


Let’s get one thing straight; things aren’t going to go perfect first time round. As much as you think you’ve planned everything out and prepared every item you need, you need to expect the unexpected. Especially useful if you’re planning on a long trip that’s capable of causing an uproar between family members, you could try a test run so things are more likely to go smoother when it comes your big trip. If you have any family days out or weekends away planned, use this time to find the best ways of travelling together in harmony as a family.


Set a budget


Let’s be honest, travelling with children is never going to be done on a backpackers budget, however you can make things more manageable and stop your spending from spiralling out of control. Decide, as a family, on a comfortable budget that works for everyone which includes a little extra for the unexpected activities. As much as we want to watch our money, trips with the whole family are an opportunity to create lifelong memories. Therefore, don’t let your budget get in the way of doing something incredible – you don’t want to think you could have done a lot more.


Slow things down


Take your time and try not to rush around, this will only make your children more aggravated. You may have been on many trips before with just adults and think you can run to the airport terminal or load the masses of luggage into the car in 5 minutes – don’t try that with children. Travelling with children should be stress free, therefore, allow enough time for things to go wrong, take it easy and don’t panic – you’ll get there eventually.


Capture your memories


Last, but definitely not least, make sure you take plenty of photos and videos! Since the majority of mobile phones have great built in cameras, it’s never been easier to capture those memories that you’d like to last a lifetime.

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