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Food worth Travelling For

To be a ‘foodie’ isn’t just about being self obsessed with food. Food has a huge influence on cultures, tradition, lifestyle, festivals, and relationships – just about everything you do involves food.

We often return from a world trip with a new found love for a particular food that’s so memorable it reminds you of the trip every time you see or smell it. In today’s modern society, you’ve more than likely got evidence of the food on your mobile phone and already shared it across your social media – causing a fiery discussion between your friends and followers.

To save you the hassle, we’ve scoured the web and debated among ourselves to come up with a list of which parts of the world have the most amazing food on offer. You never know – if you’re a real food lover, we may even have an influence on where you’ll be visiting on your next trip.

So get your knife and fork at the ready and get ready to dive in…

Redang, Indonesia

Often a dish served only at special ceremonies and to honorary guests, Redang is considered one of the world’s most delicious foods. It definitely surprised us, as you wouldn’t believe it from the simple recipe. It’s created by slow cooking beef with coconut milk and a mixture of herbs and spices that you can easily buy from your local supermarket, including garlic, turmeric, ginger and chillies – creating a wonderfully tender and flavoured beef dish.

Tom Yum Goong, Thailand

A soup rich in flavour often becomes tasteless when it’s overpowered with spice, but that’s definitely not the case here. Characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours which are complemented by a generous mix of local fragrant herbs and spices, Tom Yum Goon is commonly combined with meats such as shrimp, chicken, beef and pork. It has become popular worldwide by those looking for a great tasting hot and sour soup. However, we recommend trying it in Thailand for a truly authentic taste.

Roasted Snails, France

One of the most popular starters on the menu in France is roasted snails. A lot of people who are not used to this type of cuisine are squeamish when it comes to trying cooked snails but if you have the chance, you should try this delicacy at least once – you won’t regret it! The most common snail that people enjoy in France is the Escargot which has been made so popular due to its nutritional and pharmaceutical properties, earning it the name of the ‘gold in meat’.

Kebab, Turkey

More commonly known in the UK as a grease laden food that’s devoured after an alcohol fuelled night out on the tiles, or for keeping starvation at bay for the majority of students, a Kebab that you’ve got your hands on within the UK is hardly anything to write home about – and are considered more of a sin than fine dining. However, head to the streets of Istanbul and you’ll be served up a skewer filled with your choice of Turkish cuisine meats which have been marinated in local herbs and spices – usually lamb, chicken and beef. Who knew meat on a stick could taste so nice?

Do you have a favourite place to visit just for their food? Let us know in the comments box below or share our blog on your social media along with your thoughts.


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