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Remembering Royal

The Life & Climbs

A Tribute To Royal Robbins

February 3rd 1935 - March 14th 2017

Royal Robbins embodied the very spirit of adventure. From his first ascent of Half Dome in the mid-50s, he developed an insatiable hunger for discovery and exploration, and a respect for the majesty of the natural world that would last his lifetime. It was these qualities that led to his string of record-breaking achievements, including that milestone first ascent of the northwest face of Half Dome and later El Capitan, both in Yosemite National Park, California.

His lust for adventure, shared by his wife and regular companion on ascents, Liz, took him across the globe to the Alps and Mont Blanc and onward still to the first ascents of Mt. Nevermore and Mt. Jeffers in Alaska.

From this increasing portfolio of climbing and travel experiences, the Royal Robbins brand (as it would later be named) was born. With an innate awareness of environmental impact and a first-hand understanding of the critical requirements of clothing for climbing, trekking and travel, even the earliest Royal Robbins prototypes led the way for other brands to follow.

Royal’s continued dedication to the environment, to responsible climbing and, equally, to the comradery and spirit of fun that he shared with his climbing companions became a part of the brand and continue to touch the lives of those who work for it.

As we pay our respects to our inspiration and beloved pioneer, we are forever grateful that his spirit of adventure will remain immortal – as will those awe-inspiring stories.

“I wanted to be remembered for the leadership of my company in a joyful way. People had fun.”

— Royal Robbins

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Royal Robbins - A Tribute