Our Technologies


Renowned for its strength and softness, as well as its quick-drying properties when used in fabric blends, Sorona® is a biopolymer that comes from corn. It uses 30-40% less energy and emits 55-60% less greenhouse gas than nylon production. Eco-friendly and skin kind. Learn more about Dupont™ Sorona.®

Sorono® Blends


Exceptionally soft, beautifully drapey, quick-drying Tencel® and Modal® blends have revolutionised outdoor clothing. The wood pulp used to make both Tencel® and Modal® is renewably sourced and blended with other fibers to create a breathable, super-soft fabric that lends itself to high intensity activity as well as more subdued environments for dinner or drinks.




Tencel® is a natural fiber extracted from raw eucalyptus wood. By using our trusted supplier, Lenzing, we ensure that the eucalyptus used comes from responsibly managed forests that have been independently certified by the Soil Association on behalf of the Forest Stewardship Council. By using FSC-certified wood, we’re supporting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Tencel® is also fully biodegradable.

Benefits of Tencel®:

  • Extremely soft
  • Anti bacterial and anti odour
  • Moisture control




Modal® is extracted from beech trees. Our modal is sourced from sustainably-managed forests in Austria and neighbouring countries. Modal® retains its shape and colour after repeated wear, meanwhile staying remarkably soft.

Benefits of Modal®:

  • Impeccable softness
  • Extremely durable
  • Moisture management


Our heritage is founded in adapting to adversity and versatile conditions. That's why we use intelligent fabric technologies to keep you comfortable whatever the conditions. Garments made from our performance blend fabrics are high performance in outdoor pursuits and high octane activity whilst equally suiting social occasions or resort wear.

Performance Blends

Our Performance Blends include:

  • Discovery

A nylon and spandex blend fabric with high durability, easy care and wrinkle resistance. It is also UPF 50+ rated.

  • Convoy

A cotton and nylon blend fabric with super soft peached surface and wrinkle resistant, lightweight properties for travel and trekking.

  • Diablo

Diablo garments feature ventilation panels for an actively cooling system structured from a lightweight, quick drying Sorona® and polyester blend.